Currency regulation in India require, all foreign nationals and non-resident Indians to pay for their hotel and travel expenses in Foreign Currency Cash, travelers cheques or major credit cards, such as Master, Visa which are accepted at most places. It is recommended that visitors purchase some Indian Rupees after check-in at their hotel.

Visa Requirement

Citizens of all countries require a valid national passport / travel document with a valid visa to visit India. These may be obtained from the Indian Mission / Consular Office in the country of their residence. For any clarifications,


Any foreign national coming from or transiting through countries where Yellow Fever is endemic is required to possess a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate. There are no other vaccination requirements for travelers to India.

Electric Supply

The standard electric supply in India is 220 volts A.C., 50 cycles, single phase for all domestic lighting. Most hotels also provide 110 volts electric point for use of electric shavers, hair dryers etc. If you are carrying a laptop/portable computer or other 110 volts equipment, it is advisable to check for bringing an adopter with it. You may check with us for any specific query in this regard.

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