"WORLD SPACE-BIZ 2010" 25-28 August, 2010: BIEC, Bengaluru, India
Day 1
Leaders forum
  Russian space activities and its prospects
  India in the Space Sector
  Nigeria Space Programme
Session I
  Commercial Access to Space
  2nd International Conference on Space Business
  A summarised ESA view on Access to Space
  ISRO’s Current Launch Capabilities & Commercial Opportunities
  WORLD SPACE-BIZ 2010, Bengaluru (JAXA’s Activities)
Session II
  Status of the GLONASS System and Prospects of its Development and Utilization
  Innovations in Integrated Satellite Systems
  Navigation‐Information Systems
  Commercialisation of Space Communication
  MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn. Bhd.
  Commercial Satellite Capacity Demand for New Services
  Satellite based navigation and Applications
  “Navigation‐Information Systems” Proposals in the field of utilization / commercialization of GLONASS‐based technologies
Day 2
Session III
  The Status of Space R&D and Commercialization Activities in Korea
  The ETuheropean Market for IRS
Day 3
Session VI
  Risk management for commercial space ventures
  Integrated Satellite Systems: New frontiers / Risk Management
  Risk management for Space ventures
  International Space Brokers
Session VII
  Doing Business with ISRO Opportunities Procedures
  Doing Business With ISRO
  World space - biz Doing business with ISRO Opportunities / Procedures
Valedictory Session
  Indian Space industry - Some perspectives
  Access to Space
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